Setting the DNS on most version of linux involves using the terminal (command line) and editing the /etc/resolv.conf file. Their may be a GUI option for your specific OS, please see the forums for your OS of choice for more details.

command line
Open terminal
Type: sudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf
this will call the gnome editor. You can replace “gedit” with the editor of choice.

With gEdit open make an entry for each nameserver in the format below:
Please CLICK HERE for DNS Options to Input
Save the file
Restart the computer

network manager

a. Right click on the network manager icon
b. Choose edit connections

a. Click on the wired or wireless (depending on what you are using)
b. Highlight your connection and choose “edit”

a. Now click on the IPv4 tab
b. Change the dropdown to DHCP ADDRESS ONLY
c. Now in the DNS Servers section add your DNS addresses seperated by a comma

Please CLICK HERE for DNS Options to Input

1. Click apply
2. Click Close
3. Restart the computer to apply the settings