Google Chromebook OpenVPN Setup Guide

Follow these steps to setup OpenVPN on your Google Play capable Chromebook.

Please see the following guide from Google on enabling the Google Play Store on supported devices.

Downloading PersonalVPN OpenVPN Config

  1. Login to your account on our website by clicking on the customer login button located at the top of our site, and then input your account (not VPN) login details
  2. Customer Login Fields

  3. Click on the Download/Setup button on your active services
  4. Download Button

  5. Click on the Android Icon
  6. Android Icon

  7. Click on Download OpenVPN Configuration File option
  8. Download OpenVPN Config Button

  9. Select the location that you would like to connect to ( in this example, we’ll use DC Metro – Herndon ), then click on Download
  10. Select an OpenVPN Location

    To setup multiple locations on your device, follow the steps listed to download additional configs.

Downloading the OpenVPN Software, and adding connections

  1. Download the VPN Client Pro app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Get it on Google Play

  3. Click on Install
  4. Install VPN App

  5. Open the VPN Client Pro app
  6. Open VPN Pro App

  7. Click on add ( + or +NEW )
  8. Add new config button


    Add new config plus sign

  9. Select OpenVPN profile then click on NEXT
  10. Select OpenVPN Option

  11. Select Import from file then click on NEXT
  12. Select Import from File

  13. Locate the config file you downloaded earlier and click on the openvpn configuration file
  14. Click on OpenVPN config file

    The file you download should be in a folder named Downloads but you may need to navigate your devices folders to locate the file you downloaded it to in the previous steps

    You may be asked for permissions to access files on your device, click on allow
    Chromebook Access Permissions

  15. Enter a VPN connection name, then click on SAVE
  16. Enter a name

Connecting and Disconnecting the VPN

  1. Open VPN Client Pro on your Chromebook
  2. OpenVPN VPN App

  3. To Connect click on the connection switch/toggle icon
  4. Click connect toggle icon

  5. Click on “OK” for the connection request ( if prompted )
  6. Connection Request Prompt

  7. Confirm the status changes to connected
  8. VPN is connected

  9. To Disconnect click on the connection switch/toggle icon
  10. Click connect toggle icon