Connect the WiTopia VPN Software

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Opening the VPN Software and Connecting

1. Click on Windows Start Button/Icon -> Programs -> WiTopia and the WiTopia icon

The program can also be opened from your My Computer icon → C: → Program Files → WiTopia → WiTopia.exe (the .exe may be hidden, but you will see the WiTopia icon). Double click the program icon to open it

2. Now in the taskbar (bottom left corner of your screen) right click on the WiTopia icon and choose OPEN

4. Click on QUICK CONNECT to start the VPN connection

5. Once the VPN is connected it will show you the connection details.

If you are connecting L2TP, IPSEC or PPTP you will get a username and password prompt. Fill in the username and password that you selected when you ordered/activated and click ok to complete the connection.

You are now connected to the vpn. You can see the details of the connection by right clicking on the taskbar icon and choosing details

Now that you are connected you will want to learn about the various features and alternate ways that you can use your software. Click Here for details on the various features and settings availble in the connection software.