windows 8+ (8, 8.1, 10 and higher) manual pptp setup

Setting up PPTP manually with Windows®

1. Click on Windows® flag “start” button

2. Click on settings

3. Click on Network & Internet

4. Click on VPN from left menu

5. Click Add a VPN connection

6. Fill the fields with the following

  • VPN Provider: Windows (built-in)
  • Connection Name: You can name it anything you want “Super Secure PPTP VPN” for example
  • Server Address:

    PPTP Server Address Locations

    USA pptp VPN Gateways

    Canada pptp VPN Gateways

    Central/South America pptp VPN Gateways

    Europe pptp VPN Gateways

    Africa/Middle East pptp VPN Gateways

    Asia pptp VPN Gateways

    Oceania pptp VPN Gateways

  • VPN Type: PPTP
  • Type of sign-in info: Username and Password
  • Username: Enter your VPN Username*** (will usually be W\YourEmailAddress)
    (example: W\
    *** Some customers may have a Username in format of “johnsmith@witopia”
    You can always check your Username or Reset your VPN Password via your customer portal.
  • Password: Enter the VPN password you selected when you activated (may be different then the website password)
  • Remember my sign-in info: Checked

Your setup will look similar to this

7. Click on Save

Your VPN is setup and ready to be connected

Connecting and disconnecting your VPN

To connect and disconnect your manual vpn connection is simple with a couple of clicks
1. Locate the wired or wireless network icon in the bottom left corner of your taskbar.

Windows® may be hiding icons, if so click the arrow to reveal the hidden icons.

2. Click on the network icon to show options
3. Click on VPN profile name

This may bring up the Settings -> Network -> VPN page which is fine

4. Click connect

To disconnect, do the same steps, just click on disconnect

5. Enjoy the vpn