When you activate your personalVPN™, it instantaneously builds an encrypted tunnel through your Internet connection from wherever you are (coffee shop, airport, hotel, home, etc.) to whichever of our secure Internet gateways you have chosen to connect. All Internet data between you, and the WiTopia gateway you are using, is now encrypted. Nobody can break the encryption, including even your ISP.

Additionally, while you’re connected, we assign you a private WiTopia IP address. Your “public” IP address and location are now shielded from view and will appear to be that of whatever server/gateway of ours you are connected to anywhere in the world. Connected to one of our Brazilian servers? Better brush up on your Portuguese.

Once your data reaches our secure Internet gateway, we decrypt the data (we, like all VPN services, must so that your intended party can make sense of it), and send it to its destination server (whatever website you’re visiting, etc.).
This last part is usually quite safe because it is pretty much impossible for anyone (except, maybe the NSA and their buddies) to collect and analyze data en masse between secure data centers over an actual Internet backbone link. It’s akin to picking raindrops out of a fire hose.

When the destination server responds, we re-encrypt your data, and send it back to you through your private, encrypted, VPN tunnel. Your IP address remains cloaked behind our server, so your location is still shielded from public view.

Sound complicated? It only takes milliseconds. You shouldn’t even notice it’s happening.