If the VPN is set up and/or installed correctly, you should see “Connection is not reachable.” or similar message in the connection log.

In general, because you have multiple VPN types at your disposal, you should try them from the Advanced Connect menu in your WiTopia VPN software or, if you set up your built-in software manually, your device’s built-in client. See Setting Up and Using your VPN for instructions.

If that doesn’t fix it, the most common causes are:

  • Your personal firewall or security software is blocking the VPN.If you’re not exactly sure how to adjust this, contact the manufacturer or check out our Conflicting Software Guide. No luck? Contact Support and we will help.
  • Your router or hardware firewall is blocking the VPN.Many consumer routers have a “VPN pass-through” option, which may need to be enabled, or you may have to manually open certain ports on your router or firewall.
  • The VPN may be blocked at your location.Try different VPN Types from the Advanced Connect menu in the WiTopia VPN client. They may find a way through.

If still blocked, or performance is slowwwww, Contact Support for assistance in setting up a Custom Gateway. Usually, there is an easy solution.