No. There are no hidden fees or limits and we skimp on nothing. Although we can only theorize on the pricing strategy or cost structure of our competition, here are some thoughts.

We’re not greedy and are in it for the long haul.

We’re not trying to maximize profit per transaction, but with economies of scale and continued customer loyalty we see increasing returns over time. That was the plan from the beginning. We made an upfront investment to build WiTopia and continually reinvest revenues to sustain its expansion. We recoup that investment as the business grows and customers renew year after year.

We were a first mover in this market.

Having innovated the idea of a “personal” VPN, we were able to secure a large customer base before imitators came on the scene. This gave us financial stability right off the bat so we don’t need to gouge you to keep the lights on.

Our customers help us grow.

Because of our repeatable and scalable design and infrastructure, we can support growth with ease and things tend not to break. This lowers operating costs and makes for happy customers. Happy customers not only renew year after year, but they tell their friends and colleagues about us so we don’t have to spend much on marketing.

We don’t owe anyone dollars or explanations.

Instead of taking on investors, we funded WiTopia from personal cash and assets. Exactly what they tell you not to do in business school, right? Nevertheless, we don’t owe anyone explanations or returns on their investment. We put our money where our mouth is and believe the low-price, long-term strategy is the correct one.