You must use safari or Apple will block the installation of certs and profiles

For best security and performance, we use iOS’s native VPN client. No app download required. This setup is faster, more lightweight, and closer to the wire. A straight shot to the network, with no middleman software in between also means it’s more secure with less room for exposure to exploits or vulnerabilities en route. Less parts – less problems. And, it won’t break every time there’s an iOS update ;).

You can download your custom-made profile with out profile-builder like so:

To get started, tap here to log in to your personalVPN dashboard. (Do this from your iOS device)

    1. Login to your account
    2. Tap on Download/Setup

    1. Tap the iOS icon

    1. Tap Download IPSec, L2TP, or PPTP, Configuration File

    1. Tap the plus sign to select the location(s) you want to setup

We selected Atlanta for this example, you can use any location(s) you like

    1. Tap to select IPSec from the protocol list

    1. Tap Download
    2. Tap Allow on information box that comes up

    1. Tap Close on second information box

    1. Tap your home button
    2. Go to your iOS Settings
    3. Tap on the Profile Downloaded option that shows at the top of settings

    1. Tap on Install for the profile

    1. Enter your pin/passcode for the phone (if prompted)
    2. Tap install on the warning message screen

    1. Tap install again at the bottom of the screen via the pop-up

    1. Tap Done

    1. Tap on General at the top to go back to the main settings

    1. Tap Settings at the top
    2. Tap on VPN from the settings menu
    3. tap on the name of the VPN connection you want to connect to

    1. Tap on the status toggle switch at the top
    2. Tap ok on the connection notice

Enjoy the VPN

To remove the profile(s), go to: Settings > General > Profiles on your iOS device.
Tap the profile you wish to remove.
Tap Remove Profile in the next screen with your profile details.
Enter your passcode if/when prompted.

Note: If you see “WITOPIA_IPSEC_CA” do not remove this. This is not your VPN profile. This is your IPSec certificate. If you remove this, you will need to reinstall it to make certain types of connections.

Have more questions? Let us know how we can help you.